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You found the right spot if you need 9mm Brass Casings.

Here's Why. . .

1) We've been around for 33 yrs, and way before the Internet.

2) We're known for brass casings and have a reputation for value and accuracy.

3) We've built an established reputation reloaders depend on for once fired brass, and all purchases come with a money back guarantee. 

We have 9mm Winchester, 9mm Remington and more at $60 per lot of 1,000.

To order-

Go to this link for  reloading 9mm or other casing sizes.

This bag of cleaned and shiny 9mm brass for reloading is ready to be shipped.

9mm reloading
Ed's Brass and reloaders has become a trusted name for reloading supplies and brass shells that are once fired and very clean. Ed makes sure of that himself and with a background as a competition shooter, he cares about accuracy as much as you do. 

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